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The National Association of Realtors recognizes a distinction serving the real property of seniors, and established the Council for Senior Real Estate, and an SRES certification.


SRES understands the many emotional and physical difficulties seniors and their families experience when selling, buying, and renting real estate.

Meet Compliance

SRES knows about the state's rules, regulations, and laws that can affect seniors before and after they buy or sell a property.

No Salespeople

SRES knows about the instruments and documents that surround any real estate transaction such as family trusts, Power of Attorney, physician letters, death certificates, and knows who hold authority and expertise.

Fully Customized

SRES is experienced in downsizing, and making the transition from a large family home to smaller home, or to an assisted living.

Avoid Costly Mistakes

SRES knows to work with seniors and families to consider the significance and concerns a real estate transaction has for all of those involved. SRES belongs in Your Senior Team for optimum real estate services.

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